Undertale Review Plus a Little Rage

Hello everyone!

So recently, I’ve fallen into the underground of Undertale! Screenshot (11)

For those of whom have no idea what I’m talking about, Undertale is a RPG game that follows a human who has fallen into the Underground, where monsters reside. The object of the game is to get to the barrier  and pass it. The barrier was made to “protect” humans from monsters, and the only way to pass it is to have a human and a monster soul. In order to break it, though, seven human souls are needed. Throughout the character’s journey, depending on the path they chose, they could encounter and befriend a lot of people, including the skeleton brothers Sans and Papyrus (yes, their dialogues are in those fonts). Or, everyone could be afraid of them, and run for their lives.

There are three main endings: Neutral, True Pacifist, and Genocide. Each ending has several subparts to the endings, depending on who was killed and who wasn’t. If I’m not mistaken, there are twenty different ending dialogues.

I think this is the most creative game I’ve seen in a long time. I personally really like the retro look it has, it definitely adds to the originality of the game. There are several endings, making you want to play it over and over. It sends a great message about friendships, as well as what happens when you’re ruthless and cold. I really do love this game, and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a good time.

I’ve played the game twice through, with a Neutral and a True Pacifist ending. Now, in order to complete the game fully and see most aspects of the game, it’s only natural I try to complete a Genocide ending.





Still here? Okay then!


I really loved the True Pacifist ending, with Flowey the Flower actually being Asriel. It made me love Flowey again, despite taking three hours of my time to kill photoshop (or omega) Flowey in the run before. The run before was my first run, so I ended up killing most of the main characters. (Toriel, Undyne, Papyrus, Muffet, and Asgore) but for some reason I kept Mettaton alive. The second run was perfection, right down to befriending the very person that wanted me dead. It was a powerful run, because in the final run, Flowey took his final form, and the last battle was with Asriel. I couldn’t die, even if I tried. I saved human and monster kind by saving Asriel from himself, which he broke the barrier and let the monsters run free before returning into Flowey. I think I actually teared up.

Since I had completed two of the three endings, I decided it was time to try a Genocide run. I didn’t come to this conclusion easily, but I figured the characters were fictional and I could always reset.

I am in the final Battle with Sans.



I have been killed by Sans 158 times and I have not even made it to the halfway point yet!! Well, he warned me with a bad time, but I didn’t listen.

I actually looked up tips to fight Sans, and apparently his battle was designed to deter people from finishing the Genocide route. Figures. In order to fully experience the game, though, I pretty much have to beat him. UGH! If anyone has any tips, but not cheats, that would be greatly appreciated.

For those that want to experience a Bad Time themselves, just to see how hard and frustrating this battle is, here is a website that simulates the battle:


(tip: navigate the menu with the arrow keys and z for enter)

With this you can try to master specific moves, experience and endless attack, and play the battle as the game has it (except dialogue). I only found it today, but hopefully it will help dramatically with this battle.


Until next time, ladies and gentlemen, stay beautiful!

-Tabitha ❤

Good news!

Hello, everyone! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? How are you all?


Good? Perfect. Keep it up.


I have wonderful news. Remember during NaNoWriMo, when I had to tell you all about my brand new laptop having soda spilled all over it, making it unusable?

That’s right, folks! My dad took my hard drive and put it in another laptop at our residence that wasn’t working. SO, my novel is saved! In fact, I’ve started to write on it again.


If by some chance you have no idea what I’m talking about, my novel is about a pandemic of a peculiar kind. One day, nearly 3.5 billion people around the world wake up as the opposite gender. The novel follows a boy named Kellin who falls victim to this pandemic. He begins this strange and eventful quest with his best friend Michael (not affected by pandemic) to return him back to his birth form. This quest leads to new friends, a shocking discovery, and a journey to find the cure. This is Transgend.

I shall be updating you periodically about my novel, and maybe I’ll even post an excerpt soon.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far,

-Tabitha ❤

Kahoot it!

Hey guys, sorry for not writing in a while. Things have been a little hectic.

Now things have calmed down and I can finally write again!!

How have you guys been?

Good? Good.

I have recently found THE BEST QUIZ SITE EVER.

Well, not necessarily, but it’s pretty cool.

I have made a few, but I’m not sure how to show you guys about it.

See, I made it for my STEM club, but one’s brain teasers and the other’s an “are you smarter than a 5th grader quiz”.

Let’s see if this works:


(Are you Smarter than a 5th grader?)


(Brain teasers)

Also, you’re going to need two devices. I apologize, but that’s just how kahoot works.

It feels good to be back XD.

Oh No.

Oh dear,

I’ve forgotten.

I didn’t see this coming a few months back.

I never would’ve thought

That something I was so determined about

Would escape my mind,

To be lost in a frenzy of despair and disaster.

Things have been tough,

With me being the only one to stand against a tsunami.

I didn’t understand,

That everything was lost in the waves

I find myself recovering from.

Oh dear,

I’m sorry.

I’ve forgotten

To write to you.


Fear is the essence of meaning,

Everything has the aftermath

When the chance comes along

Most take the easier path


In truth the world lives in fear

Of hate, misfortunes, and death

Of separation

Due to actions they regret


In this day and age

People take you for granted

They take your character, slice it into pieces,

And you’re left with what’s left


The minuscule actions that everyone does

A phone call, a wrong first impression.

Can cause a landslide of results

Driven by the wicked who we question


The authorities of those involved

Whether or not they should be trusted

Or we should call to arms

An army to fight the rusted


It is this fear

In it’s truest form

That we hide away as best we can

And hope we will not be torn.


As we stand in this

We could defeat any crisis.

iHeart Favorites Challenge

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for a while.

I know this probably won’t circulate but I thought I would give it a go

The rules are:

Find your favorites station on iHeart. Copy and paste the url.

Tag 5-10 people

My url is:


I’m not even sure this would work, but be warned if it does. My station is not perfect and may contain songs I don’t approve of or even heard before.

My tags are:



Madison (Mads)





Again sorry for not posting in a while I promise I’ll try to start posting regularly again.



30 Song Challenge

Well, I’ve been nominated by Leah for the 30 Song Challenge! Thank you Leah! I’m not sure if anyone else has, but thank you to anyone and everyone who did!


1.Your favorite song:

Oh my, I don’t think I’m able to pick one.

I can say that today I have replayed “Lonely Day” by System of a Down at least 100 times, though.

2.Least Favorite Song:

Again, I can’t pick one, but I guess I’ll go with anything by Justin Bieber. Straight up.

3.A song that makes you happy:

“Nicotine” by Panic! At The Disco

4.A song that makes you sad:

“Cry” by Alexx Calise

5.A song that reminds you of someone:

Pretty much anything by Twenty One Pilots, (especially “Migraine”, even though I sing this to myself more often than people realize) because I started listening to them because of someone who ended up putting me in a hospital. Great friend he was.

6.A song that reminds you of somewhere:

“Tell Me I’m A Wreck” by Every Avenue. My family and I tried to move to Georgia once, and during the trip I expanded my music exponentially. This is apparently the one that stands out over the rest in bringing nostalgia with it.

7.A song you know all the words to:

Okay, I know all the word to a lot of songs, so I’m going to tell you the very first song I learned all the words to. When I was eight, I learned “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood in hopes of being the next American Idol.(I find this weird, because my music taste has changes drastically since then, but I still know all the word [even though I’m a forgetful person])

8.A song that you can dance to:

“Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”* by Set It Off. It’s a pretty straightforward song, and even though I don’t like the bridge, I can Twist and Shout to the song. (haha Beatles reference because that’s another song I can dance to)

(This one may have some offensive content)

9.A song that makes you fall asleep:

Well, I have an entire playlist dedicated to this, so let’s highlight.

“Carolyn” by Black Veil Brides

“If It Means A Lot To You” by A Day To Remember feat. Sierra Kusterbeck

“Northern Downpour” by Panic! At The Disco

“Snuff” by Slipknot

(That’s probably too many)

10.A song from your favorite band:

To be honest, I like 5 Seconds Of Summer. I’m not a fangirl, well I used to be. Now I just listen to their music and leave it at that. I’m not hip on their lives anymore, I’m not even sure if I can recall their last names.

“Fly Away” or “Rejects” by 5 Seconds of Summer.

11.A song from a band you hate:

Do you ever like a song, but hate the band? I do all the time. The most dominant of this group would have to be “Bewitched” by Blood On the Dance Floor.*

12.A song that is a guilty pleasure:

“Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE. I don’t even understand it myself. Is it the beat? Or the tempo? Or the fact I heard it before everyone else?

13.A song that no one expects you to like:

“Take a Hint” from Victorious. I’m so 2012, right?

14.A song that describes you:

“I’m Weird” by Ghost Town.*

15.A song you used to love but now hate:

“Second and Sebring” by Of Mice And Men.* After a verse or possibly two it screams for the rest of the song. I used to like that, but now I prefer the D At Sea version, which is much slower and I think more effectively represents the topic sung about.

16.A song you hear often on the radio:

“Hotline Bling” by Drake, “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, “Bad Blood” By Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar. Personally, I don’t particularly like any of these songs.

17.A song you wish you heard on the radio:

“Everybody’s Changing” by Keane, “Madness” by Muse, or “The Divine Zero” by Pierce The Veil.*

18.A song from your favorite album:


Wait, I think I have one.

“Girl That You Love” by Panic! At The Disco

19.A song you listen to when you’re angry:

“Headstrong” by Trapt, or “Holding On To You” by Twenty One Pilots (I haven’t listened to them in a while, though)

20.A song you listen to when you’re happy:

“Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance and “Jersey” by Mayday Parade

21.A song you listen to when you’re sad:

“Miserable At Best” by Mayday Parade or “Trophy Father’s Trophy Son” by Sleeping With Sirens*.

22.A song you want to play at your wedding:

“All My Heart” by Sleeping With Sirens or/and “Little Things” by **cringe alert** One Direction

23.A song you want to play at your funeral:

Um, I’ve never really given it much thought, but “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas or “Euterpe” by Egoist. Even though that song is in Japanese, I love the translation. It asks why people never stop to forgive other or even pay respect to beauty.

24.A song that makes you laugh:

“Save Rock And Roll” by Fall Out Boy. It’s not the meaning of the song, it’s just that in the beginning, everything is kinda soft and then he shouts that one thing I can’t say without being inappropriate, and then goes back to being soft again and I think “whoa calm down Patrick”

You know what I’m talking about, right?

25.A song you can play on an instrument:

I’m a guitar fanatic, with an okay ability to play piano, so I’m going to give you the first and last song I learned on guitar/ piano


First- “How to Save a Life” by The Fray (This was also the first song with words I learned)

Last- “Just Give Me a Reason” by P!nk feat. Nate Ruess


First- I’m not entirely sure but I’m pretty sure it was on the Speak Now album by Taylor Swift (I had the song book)

Last- Um, I’m going to go with “When You Can’t Sleep at Night” by Of Mice And Men or “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” by Set It Off*

26.A song you wish you could play:

“Sweet Child Of Mine” by Guns ‘N’ Roses, if I had to dwindle it to just one. There’s hundreds though.

27.A song in a foreign language that you like:

Well, I like Marie Mai. “Ces’t Moi” and “Mentir” are my favorites. She also does a song with Simple Plan called “Jet Lag”, which is in both English and French. (If you’re going to look this one up, make sure you type ‘featuring Marie Mai’ because he also does an English version with someone else)

Oh, and “Euterpe” by Egoist, explained above.

28.A song from your childhood:

I remember listening to “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park  when I was younger, but most of  it is country, to be honest.

29.Your favorite song this time last year:

Um, I’m thinking probably “Heartbreak Girl” by 5 Seconds of Summer or “Somewhere in Neverland” by All Time Low. I was in my “5SOS for life” phase. I am so glad I got out of that, it was turning me into something I didn’t want to be.


Nominations! (Even though I know most people have already been nominated)






Well, there’s a little peek into my sixty hours worth of music.

Thanks for listening!

-Tabitha ❤


Hello, those listening.

Sorry I haven’t been posting, there’s a massive problem over at my home at the moment, so my mind has been divided into a million different things.

I will not explain the situation in full until it is resolved. However, authorities are involved, and the county/state I live in has to be the worst at protecting the people involved and their rights.

That being said, my family’s safety and liberty are at stake due to corruption and ambition.

Again, so sorry for not posting for a bit, but hopefully this issue will be resolved.

-Tabi ❤

Liebster Award pt. 2

Hey guys, I have been nominated by wideandawake for the Liebster Award! Given I’ve already done this award, I will dedicate this post to answering her questions.

What or who inspired you for blogging?

Um, I would have to say that my creative writing club inspired me to start blogging. I noticed the club blog, and I thought, “What a wonderful idea!”

Your favorite music genre?

Anything from Pop/Rock to borderline screamo, I guess. I would say The Fray to Bring Me the Horizon, and practically anything in between. Have suggestions for bands? I would love to hear them, I love new music.

What character do you despise the most of people?

Compulsive liars. I don’t like the fact that they have to lie to make themselves fit in. Be yourself, not a lie you make up.

Favorite leisure activities?

boredbutton.com, reading, watching youtube videos, gaming, GUITAR,  not much really

One dream you know is impossible?

Flying unicorns over the rainbow to find at the other side Carl from Llamas with hats is about to murder me. This might have been a nightmare.

Your dream destination?

England, or Great Britain in general. There’s such a vast and rich culture.

Worst or weirdest habits?

Typing really fast and then deleting half of it to fix a mistake. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that does this though.

Books you love the most?

Mainly The Fault In Our Stars, with a side order of Divergent and the Book Thief.

Favorite quote?

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you.”

-John Green

Best experience?

Well, I can’t think of any, but I can say my life is a lot happier recently. I may come back to this question.

Funniest childhood memory?

When I was about 14, I asked my mom if I could drive home. At the time, I lived in a very rural town with little traffic. So she said okay. I ran over three stop signs, hit a cop, and my mom got a suspended license. Whoops.

Sunshine Bloggers Award

Hey! I’ve been nominated by the absolutely wonderful Bernie for the Sunshine Bloggers Award! (Totally go check out her blog, it has magical qualities and amazing surprises!)

The Rules are simple:

-State 14 facts about yourself

-Tag 14 people for this award


Well, I’m not sure I can do both of these, but I can sure try.

Here’s the facts:

1.When I’m typing, I tend to randomly capitalize some words. I usually catch it before I post though. (I feel like Margo from Paper Town when I do that, even though I did that before I read Paper Towns)

2. I have no social media accounts. Well, unless you count this one.

3. I’ve just gotten into a lot of things. Things like AmazingPhil (Which I find I like better than danisnotonfire), Troye Sivan, Muse, GBA emulators, and Tetris. Okay, I admit I’ve loved Tetris as far back as I can remember, but I just found a GBA version for it (Which I prefer over the apps)

4. I haven’t been to a concert since I was little. When I was little, I would go with my parents to mainly country concerts. Since I have blossomed in my music taste, I have yet to go to a concert. I think I was, like, six the last time I went to a concert.

5. I like to draw occasionally. It’s mostly anime, and sometimes more people oriented. I remember that I once drew a really good picture of 5SOS but I couldn’t figure out how to do their faces. So instead, I placed quotes from twitter inside of their heads. I can’t remember where I put it, or I would show you guys the picture. But when I find it, you can see it if you want.

6. I want to write songs. I really do, but the words go wrong and I end up ditching my words. I’ve only really written one song, and it gets weirder every time I sing it. So, if anyone wants to try to collab on writing one, that would be amazing.

7. The only pet I have is a cherry headed conure named Norton. Since I am home a lot, he has taken quite a liking to me. A bird’s instinct is to find the highest perch and sit, but at 5′ 0″, he usually stays at my shoulders. When I try to give him to my 5’9″ brother, Norton refuses. Also, I am the only one that can pet him. He bites everyone else.

8. I was born extremely close to Cincinnati. Like, right over the river. Oh and my mom got a cake and baby for her 21st birthday! Yay! Nice to know I ruined her party plans with my birth.

9. For some reason, I’m fascinated in the UK. I’m not the kind of person that wears everything with a UK flag on it and pretends to talk in the accent(s) for all eternity, but yeah. It’s a very rich culture that I would love to know more about. (I’ll make it a vacation when I get older, most probably.)

10. I can be an extrovert and an introvert. There’s times where there’s nothing stopping me, where I have the world at the palm of my hands and I can tackle anything in my path. And then, we have my introvert side. This side of me (which has been dominant in the last few months) just wants to hide away from people and bury myself in the existence of the internet.

11. Wow, I’ve written a lot. Well, that brings me to this: I’m okay at writing. Most of my works are just blobs on a page if I am to be honest, but sometimes the best things come out of the little tidbits you write while you’re not even paying attention.

12. I SUCK at giving advice. My sister can walk up to me with two dresses and ask “Which one?” and I will literally freeze. My mind goes bezerk, wondering if I’m going to pick the right dress. My mind automatically assumes that the person asking the advice knows the answer, and I have to match it. So I say, “Well, here are options” or “I’m not the right person you should be asking this to.”

13. I’ve been told I have a great sense of humor. Whenever someone in my family says something funny, I tend to add on to it. My mind doesn’t even process what I say until my mouth has already formulated the words. Which can lead me to a lot of trouble in the future. (You don’t want to get fired in the future do you, Tabitha?)

14. I have the weirdest middle name. I contains a y and a z and means rose. Rayzel. And I feel so uncomfortable telling people this because it is such an abnormal thing. This name has Greek and Yiddish origins. The English version of this name is Rachael.

That was easier than expected. Now time for the nominations! (I’ll do as many as I can)










(Sorry I cut it short before, I was up way past my bedtime and my parents were talking downstairs XD)