Hey, guys. I might have lost my novel because of some Mountain Dew and a brother, but that can’t stop me from writing. Hope you like it.

Elegance is the embrace of the elderly;

Kindness from the heart.

The dreary hand that sweeps these pages;

Till death do the couple part.

The memories long since past;

That seem more like dreams.

The more they think of them

The more surreal it begins to seem.

The woman living alone,

After many years of joy.

Remembering the day she met him

When he was just a boy.

Elegance is keeping intact,

After the pain of the Reaper.

In hope that one day,

Again will he meet her.

As she slowly drifts off to sleep,

She will remember.

The misery of that bitter December.

Hey guys!


Hello, fellow writers of the world! I have just discovered this magnificent site and thought, “That seems really cool.” My name is Tabitha, but you can call me Tabi.

I love to write. Right now, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, which has turned out to be really fun! Right now, I’m at word 27,172. It fascinating to see how fast a novel can develop.
My novel is called Transgend. Here’s the summary:

Kellin is just an average kid with a band and a girlfriend. He gets his flu shot every year because his mother’s hypochondriac ways. Soon after though, he wakes up to find that he was not the same. He, along with over half of the world, had switched into the opposite gender. His life was over they way it was. Struggling to cope with his switch, he collects his remaining friend Michael, and a new friend named William, and sparks an investigation. They indeed find out the cause, but when they try to spread the word the plot thickens. The government makes them outlaws, banishing them to a world of running and hiding. It leaves them wondering why. Why would anyone try to upturn the world as it was?

Excerpt to be coming soon.