You pt. 6

You decide not to tell him, because you know Ashton will get fidgety and will eventually attract the attention of the police regardless of what he does.

Unbeknownst you, he’s figured it out himself, you know this because of the anxious look on his face. “Ashton,” you say, “worrying only makes it worse. So stop it, and act halfway normal and we won’t get noticed.”

“Halfway normal.” he whispers to himself loud enough you could hear. “Calm,” he ushers.

You notice the car pull over into your lane of the highway. You see him reach for his siren.

“ASHTON FLOOR IT!” you shout as the sirens blare. Your friend complies and he swerves around cars like a pro because, in theory, he is a pro in cars. “MOVE!!”

“DO NOT SHOUT AT ME WHILE I’M AVOIDING CARS AND RACING AWAY FROM POLICE! NEED I REMIND YOU I HAVE SEVERE ANXIETY AND THIS IS WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!” He shouts back and nearly misses a mini van in front of you. The police car closes in to your stolen one.

“I should have drove.” you mutter.
“Pull over or we’ll be forced to shoot your tires out.” an authoritative voice replies from behind you.

“Bite me.” you respond. You see a way to get the police off you. But your friend won’t like it. “Ashton,” you console. “I see the way out, but you’re not going to like it.”

“Alex, I don’t like a lot of things. Just tell me what it is.”

“Take the ramp from the construction zone a few mile ahead. Use it to get to the other side.”


Do you force Ashton to take the ramp, or continue the path you’re on?

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(Btw, sorry for not writing lately. My sister took the only laptop in the house to Wisconsin with her to be with her boyfriend, so I don’t have it. Mine got destroyed, and my phone got lost, so I was left with nothing. I’m writing this on my dad’s kindle and it’s a bit difficult. I hope to write more soon!)

Quisling Quest

I must dismiss my behavior.

I know this because it will haunt me if I don’t.

The gratitude from the enemy,

The resent back at home.


Is this pain?

I’m only killing my cause

With promises of gold.


Little did I know,

the enemy had a chance

and took it before I could blink.

I know suddenly

I had made a mistake.


I awoke and sounded quite different

My feelings astray.

My sight I had lost completely

Regret remains


I mus face my people now

Dead among the living

And it appears I might have to start an apocalypse

From the bullet in my lungs.


You pt. 5

You keep thinking of last night.

Ashton insisted on driving, so you let him, in hopes he will not chatter and let you think.

Why would Greg and Ashley plot the stolen money in your car and then told the police about it? You know they told them because Greg’s uncle works on the force, and they’re the only one’s who know your names link to the car.

“Do you think it’ll ever be normal again?” Ashton asks from the driver’s seat.

“Probably not.” You say. “But one can hope…”

“Yeah, it won’t. I’m just trying to accept it. But what do we do? Just drive around until we think the trail’s gone cold?”

“Pretty much.” You admit to yourself this is not how you planned this weekend to go. Or your life, for that matter. “Well, there goes our dreams for college.” You mutter.

“What did you say?” Ashton asks. You repeat yourself a little louder and he replies with. “Yeah. I wanted to be a collision expert. But I can’t be that now, can I?” You shake your head, and he laughs.

But then you notice in your rear-view mirrors the a police car behind you. You unintentionally start worrying. But if you tell Ashton, he might blow your cover, whatever that may be. But if you don’t, you might lose the chance to escape.

Do you tell Ashton or not?

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You pt.4

You decide to listen to your friend. Maybe this night has gotten to your head. You pull into a convenience store and purchase some hair dye and scissors. You take it to the counter and pay. Since this is not national news yet, you do not worry if they can see you as the thief you’re most likely made out to be. You pay for your item and leave.

“Do you have your driver’s licence?” You ask as you get in the new car.

“Yeah, why?”

“We’ll need it to get into the hotel.” you reply. You’re only 17, but Ashton is 18 and therefore legally able to purchase a hotel room for the night. And you wanted to be as legal as possible. You drive for a little while, then pull into a motel. Ashton gets the cheapest room and you two enter the little room. It’s feels cozy, you guess. You pull out the scissor you bought and give them to Ashton. He takes them to your hair and you wince as he starts to snip. You haven’t cut your hair since you were 10, so you had long hair. You look at the short cut he’s given you. It changes your whole look, and not for the better. But it cannot be undone, so you have to live with it. You cut Ashton’s hair as well, but he seems pleased with your job. You both take a color of hair dye and you go first on dying your hair. You do so and now it is a deep purple, almost black. Ashton’s is now blond, as opposed to the black he had.

You two go to sleep. In the morning, you check out and start driving North yet again.


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Mangled Messes

Image result for chaos

It’s hard to imagine

But you’ll end up like me

Bitter heart and even more bitter souls

Lie in wait for an inexplicable punishment

Just like they said

Mangled messes make my mind mad


Why, you ask?

Because it’s fun

A wager between good and evil

And evil has won

The devil has never looked so glad

Mangled messes make my mind mad


In this life people say

“Some things are better left unsaid.”

But every phrase is a warning

Warning of the dread

That comes in the night

Kneels down by my bed

Mangled messes make my mind mad

You pt.3

You decide that going on a boat was not your forte. You were scared of the possibilities of a sinking ship and honestly, you weren’t too great at swimming. So you take the next exit North, hoping for a little quiet time because Ashton talks when he is nervous. Or so he says over and over.

You talk your plan out to Ashton, so maybe he’ll pipe down.

“We head North.” You say. “I don’t know where to go from there, but I think if we just drive around for about two months we’ll be able to slow down.”

“Two months!!” Ashton exclaims. “I’m freaked out, and you want us to drive around for two months?!”

You explain. “If we stop too soon, they’ll be knocking on our door. I’m just saying two months minimum. The longer, the better. Plus, it seems like in the movies after running for long enough you get used to it.”

“If you do anything for two months, you get used to it.” he muttered under his breath.

“Shut up, Ashton! You are being such an annoying pest right now and-”

“I think maybe we should stop for the night.” he interrupts. “This night is getting way too over our heads.”

“If we do, we have to stop by a convenience store and buy hair dye and scissors, so as soon as we’re into a motel we can make ourselves unnoticeable.”

Do you stop, or keep going?

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You pt. 2

“We got to ditch this car.” you say. “They’ll be looking for this car.”

Your friend agrees. “Alex, do you even know how to hot wire a car?”

It was true you didn’t, but you assumed your car loving friend does. “Don’t you?”

“No, why would I? I never planned on stealing a car, let alone be in a bank robbery!”

“Well,” you pondered. “Well, maybe this rest area has wifi.” You got out of the driver’s seat.

“Wait, Alex.” Ashton exited the vehicle and followed you under the shelter. “This is dangerous. ”

“Anything we do from here on out is dangerous.” You pull out your iPhone and attempt to connect to the internet. When it fails, you ask Ashton for his Samsung. He gives it to you, and you connect his phone to the internet and started to search on hot wiring. “I hate my phone.” you remark.

“Find anything?” Ashton asks, clearly worried.

“Yeah.” You give the phone to him, and he reads what to do. He tries it on the getaway car first, then after he has it down, he tries it on a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee, or so he said. You two transfer the money into the car and drive off. “We need the money.” You tell him after he began to plead.

You pull into I-4 and go West, opposite of where you were. You’re unsure which direction to really go in, so you start out with away.  You know if you keep going West, South or East, you will eventually come in contact with the ocean or Gulf of Mexico. However, if you go those ways, you may be able to pay for a ticket to another country, which may be useful. But getting the money on board would be the hard part.

Staying in the U.S. means constant chasing, but it could also mean a chance to lay low and stay out of sight.


Which way do you go?

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