A bit about me


Hello to all those listening:

I feel obligated to tell you about some of the things I enjoy, because why would you follow someone who doesn’t have opinions?  Here’s a few of my favorite things.

My favorite:

T.V. Show- Doctor Who, Supernatural, and anime. (There’s a lot of anime, so I’m not going into specific shows *ahem* SAO)
Hobbies- Playing Guitar (a big one), writing, listening to music, hanging with my family, Netflix
Holiday- contrary to popular belief, I enjoy my birthday more than Christmas. This is most likely because my mother and I share a birthday, and the fact I can honor veterans at the same time.
Number- 11, I find it lucky
Subject in school- Music
Obsessions- Music, bands, etc. 
Bands- 5SOS, P!ATD, SWS, PTV, BVB, FOB, Yellowcard, Green Day, blink-182, etc.
Video Game- Legend of Zelda, most probably
Color- A blue violet, bright blue violet

It’s been a while since I’ve told someone about me, so if I’m forgetting something, please ask! Also, I’m open for suggestions on pretty much anything, so feel free to suggest anything.

I can confidently say I’m a nerd!

Happy Holidays!

14 thoughts on “A bit about me

  1. Yay, a fellow guitarist! Be prepared for questions: How long have you been playing? Do you prefer acoustic or electric (I love my acoustic :P)? What’s your favorite song(s) to play on guitar? That’s so awesome!!

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    • I’ve been playing for about 2-3 years. I prefer acoustic, but mostly because I haven’t really gotten the chance to play electric. I like to play “Wherever You Are” by 5 Seconds of Summer the best. What about you?

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      • Nice! I’ve been playing a little over 2, and I love the acoustic, but like you, I haven’t really played electrics. The times I’ve tried I just don’t feel as comfortable 😛 Hm, I don’t know, I’d have to say Dust in the Wind by Kansas or Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik or something like that

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  2. I’m always up for new music, so I will take a listen to Barely Breathing. 🙂 (I love Kansas btw)
    Do you sing?

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    • Cool, I really like the guitar in Barely Breathing, so let me know how you like it! And yay, Kansas is awesome! I love the story behind DitW, because it started out as just a finger exercise, that the guitarist’s wife encouraged him to turn into a song!
      I sort of sing, but not that much. My sister is more of a singer (she takes operatic lessons) but I sort of do 🙂 do you??

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  3. I did not know that about DitW. I find things like that inspiring.
    I sing on a regular basis, but I’ve never had any lesson and I personally don’t think I’m very good.
    I listened to Barely Breathing, and I’m happy to say it was the first really good song I’ve heard in a long time! Thank you for mentioning it!

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    • Me too! I was like “wow, just an exercise?” I’m curious, can you play that song? It’s some intense Travis picking, but it’s so awesome .
      Oh I bet you are good, but either way, singing is awesome. What do you like to sing the most! (some times, you may find me trying to hit the high note in Phantom of the Opera..something I have yet to accomplish hmph >.>)
      Oh yay, that’s so exciting! It’s such a good feeling to hear people like what you recommend. I’m glad you enjoy the song!

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      • I cannot play the song; however, I’ve been searching for good songs to play, and I’ll probably look into DitW (other songs are Bohemian Rhapsody and Pride and Joy). I’m actually more of a rhythm guitarist, but I bet you can play extremely well. I like singing to pretty much any song I know! Anyway, what kind of music do you like?

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      • Cool! Yeah, I’m more rhythm as well, but now that I’m learning classical (which is fingering picking allll the way) I’m starting to experiment with finger picking. Thank you!! Back in May did you know about the FLVS Young Music Composer’s Festival? I took part and submitted a song I wrote with me singing and playing guitar (not the best at all haha) but it was really fun 🙂
        Fun! And I like any music depending on my mood. Mainly 70s and 80s, acoustic songs, Indie Rock (sometimes), classical, piano instrumentals, etc. I guess I can’t pinpoint, but i do know what I don’t like: pop, rap, and Electronic Dance xDDD You?

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  4. That’s great! I’ve only been a member of FLVS since August, so I had no idea! I wish I had, I wrote a song right around that time that I’ve done nothing with. I can’t pinpoint my genre of music either, but I like some sub-genres of rock and punk music, not entirely sure what to call it. There’s something called electropop, that I only like around two songs from. I’m okay with some pop, but not much (and especially not today’s pop). I don’t like rap, at all.
    Are there any more songs you would like to recommend?

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    • (btw, sorry for clogging up your comment section! It appears you don’t mind though, but I am sorry haha!)
      Oh wow, welcome to FLVS. What made you join? Are you part or full-time (you can always email me that information if you wish to have it privately discussed!). it’s my 2nd year, I really love it. I’m glad you’ve joined the CWC club though 🙂 Oh neat, maybe you could email me the song and I could email you mine? (lyrics, basically). I haven’t written many songs lately, but it’s always cool to share and see other people’s works.
      Ewww today’s pop 😛 I feel like we’re falling by the wayside on talent. WHICH REMINDS ME, if you want another song recommendation, Through Glass by Stone Sour is another awesome song, and it basically is about the singer’s perspective on today’s music industry. He feels like anyone can become famous based on looks and performance, not by actual talent and ability, and he is condemning that very artistically in that song. It’s also a cool guitar song too 😉
      Hm as for other song recommendations….I really like Keane. Yeah they’re kind of poppy, but at the same time, their lyrics are pretty awesome, and I like the keyboard in there. Specifically: In My Way, Everybody’s Changing, Is it Any Wonder? and a few others. I like them, they’re not really active anymore.
      Also, weirdly, I love the Cranberries. I don’t know why, but every now and then it’s the only band I’ll listen to xD

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      • I. Love. Through. Glass. Just saying. My sister showed me the song a year and a half ago, and I love what the song signifies. Um, what’s you email? I feel this would be a much easier way to communicate.

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      • hahaha that is AWESOME. The song is awesome. Anyway, so not everyone will see my email, if you go to my blog and click on “Questions and Suggestions” just fill that out and we can reply back and forth, and you’ll get my email ^^

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