Hour of Code

Last night I got to be involved in one of the best introductory lessons into code. I had the wonderful opportunity to be a moderator and helped others when they had questions. It was so inspiring seeing so many people interested in coding. It really is a second language, and it is so much fun! Getting involved in code means you are getting involved with making apps, web pages, computer programs, and video game designing. But that’s not all. By 2020, there will be a shortage of over 1,000,000 people to fill in technology jobs. Learning code means you can get involved in one of the fastest growing career fields. Sounds awesome, right?

Hour of Code is happening again today at 1 pm. I will be there to help people with any questions. Also, today I will be speaking about the Science/ STEM club, and the many opportunities it offers.

If you are unable to attend Hour of Code, there are many websites that are there to help you learn!

  • Codeacademy.com- this website can help you learn many different types of coding, including HTML, Java, and Ruby. The offer fun interactive lessons that make the information stick in your brain! (This is the website I’m using. I’m learning Ruby.)
  • Khanacademy.org- This website is specific to Java, and is willing to teach you the basics in many fun videos and tutorials. This website also offers a developer, where you can make your own programs using Java.
  • Code.org- This website is the host of Hour of Code and has plenty of tutorials to help you make programs that include familiar movies or games, like Frozen and Star Wars. 

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