You walk into the store, hoping to buy some food to sustain yourself on the journey you’ve put yourself into. You find some granola bars and energy drinks. You bring the items to the front counter, where a woman wearing a uniform way too big for her tiny body is reading a magazine. She sits up as you approach and rings you up.

But as she’s doing so, you notice your picture on the wall. You’ve cut and dyed your hair since then, in hopes to change your appearance. You hope she doesn’t recognize you. For if she does, you know you’ll be put through hell because of a misunderstanding.  Luckily she pays no attention and gives you your final bill. You pay and walk out.

Once outside, you search the parking lot for the stolen vehicle you took yesterday. You wonder around until you see it pull up into the parking lot. “I thought I told you to stay here!” you remark.

“Sorry I got so nervous I had to take a drive.” your friend and now partner in crime Ashton replied. When he looks at the angry face you give him, he smiles. “Just get in, Alex.” he pleaded. “I didn’t get caught.”

“Yeah, but we might be followed now.” You reply as you enter the SUV. You know that your friend was reckless, sometimes to the near point of death. That was one of the qualities you liked in him. That he was willing to try anything at least once. You bet he never expected this though.

Ashton drove off, down a long road that leads to the highway. You hope and pray he didn’t screw up and cause you and he to get caught. I am never going to forgive them, you thought. If they can make up a story and make anyone believe it, then I can do things no one sees coming. They ruined my life, and now, they’ll pay for it. 


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