Well this seems a bit undermined,

The pieces all seem intertwined.

Just know that this wasn’t meant to happen.

These were not my intentions


I still remember the sound of angels

When the door opened for a cradle 

And without giving a second thought 

We flew during those months


The smell of freshly cut grass

And the hope that this lasts

The dreams that made it so far

Into the deepest part of our hearts.


The touch of the soft willed flowers

That wilted after just a few hours

After this found it’s way

To create the most nostalgic day


The taste of the cooking

That was very confusing

I didn’t know what to make of it

Or what to make with it


I remember each one of these

They come and go as they please

My emotions seem to be outnumbered

By the memories that slumber


If only the past could be rearranged

I don’t ever want to see it changed

I could be in the past right now

And make sure you never go



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