You pt.1

Your name is Alex Bradley.

You lived an average life, with all the luxury you could afford, which honestly was not a lot.

Your significant other of 8 months broke up with you after an incident that should never have been blamed on you. They knew what they were doing, and they knew it would be you.

You, you ask. Why did you let yourself be dragged into the biggest bank robbery since 1954? They told you they were going to the store across the street, and asked you to wait for them in the parking lot. They grabbed the money, stored it in the car, and told you and your friend to drive. Then, they went to the police saying you stole it. Now your life is on the line, and your friend’s as well.

You arrive at a rest area 100 miles away, after closely getting away from the police. You sigh, relieved to be out of the sirens target momentarily. Your friend decides to speak. “Alex,” he says. “How much money is back there?”

“I don’t know, Ashton, I didn’t even know it was a robbery until the police were on our tail.” you reply.

“Well, then what do we do, Alex? We can’t go home, and we can’t leave the money lying around.”

“If we stay here-”

“We’ll be caught for sure, but the police expect us to keep moving.”


What would you do?

One thought on “You pt.1

  1. Oh, I forgot to tell you to reply with what you would do next! Clumsy me!

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