Infinity Dreams Award

I have been nominated by the ever lovely Grace for the Infinity Dreams Award! The rules are as follows

Thank the blog that nominated you.

Done so but it never hurts to do it again! Thank you Grace!

Tell us 11 things about yourself.

Well, I can try.

1.I am a nerd, definitely.

2. My favorite TV show is without a doubt Doctor Who, which contributes to my nerdiness.

3. My favorite author is John Green, and my favorite novel is The Fault In Our Stars. I happened to read the novel before it got too popular.

4. I’m not a big believer in social media. I mean, I’ve had a Facebook and a Twitter before, but I don’t really see the point in it.

5. I’ve never been in an airplane nor a boat, the only vehicles I’ve ridden are on the road.

6. When I’m bored on the internet, I use a weird website called

7. My favorite instrument to play is a guitar, which I play almost religiously. I play it every day and I’m always trying to write songs (with very little luck haha)

8. I find myself constantly addicted to songs. Recently, per Grace’s request, my song addiction is “Barely Breathing” by Duncan Sheik.

I even brought it upon myself to learn the chords and next I’ll learn the tabs.

9. My mom works at Legoland, so every year we get 20 free tickets, which is only about 2 trips for my family. My family and I, all 10 of us, are going this weekend for only about $20 (for parking).

10. My favorite color is this bright blue, so bright it almost appears purple.

Almost blue violet, but not quite

11. My favorite confectionery candy are soda pop tablets. They come in these little soda cans and when you put them in your mouth they actually fizz. It’s a weird feeling at first, and even at first I didn’t like them, but they kinda grew on me. They come in 4 flavors (I’m sure there’s more but I haven’t seen them), Sprite, Grape, Cola, and Orange.


Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.

What is your least favorite saying?

“No offense” I don’t like how someone can insult you right in front of your face and say “no offense” and all is forgiven. I do not want to keep ranting, so that’s all I’ll say on that.

What is your favorite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday is my birthday. It occurs on 11/11 and I share it with my mother. I also love how I get to honor those who fight to protect our freedom on my birthday. It’s like three holidays in one.

Where do you gain inspiration the most?

I mainly find inspiration through music, most definitely. I’m kind of a music addict, so it’s understandable my inspiration comes from there.

How long have you been blogging, and what got you to blog in the first place?

I’ve only been blogging a month, and I found it the best way to find friends since I am home schooled. It succeeded, thank you everyone!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Probably the U.K. I love their culture and lifestyles. Or maybe Australia. Apart from the creepy crawlers that are everywhere. I would love to see Sydney and the people there.

Thanks again for the nomination and friendships. And as my little sister likes to say:

Goodbye, butterfly!

One thought on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. AHHH I love these answers (btw I am so working on my email answer, so sorry for the delay! Finals this week [aka finishing all my segments/courses gahh])
    I had no idea I’d get you hooked one Barely Breathing, but who wouldn’t? It’s truly one of those simple yet resonating songs with awesome music and the soound (especially at the bridge with the D chord). I’ve learned the chords, too, but I don’t think I’ve got them down all that well. Best of luck in learning the tabs!
    I loved reading this, and that ending line is so cute 😛 [and my sister cannot do anything without building her Legos for the day, she loves Legos)

    Liked by 1 person

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