You pt.3

You decide that going on a boat was not your forte. You were scared of the possibilities of a sinking ship and honestly, you weren’t too great at swimming. So you take the next exit North, hoping for a little quiet time because Ashton talks when he is nervous. Or so he says over and over.

You talk your plan out to Ashton, so maybe he’ll pipe down.

“We head North.” You say. “I don’t know where to go from there, but I think if we just drive around for about two months we’ll be able to slow down.”

“Two months!!” Ashton exclaims. “I’m freaked out, and you want us to drive around for two months?!”

You explain. “If we stop too soon, they’ll be knocking on our door. I’m just saying two months minimum. The longer, the better. Plus, it seems like in the movies after running for long enough you get used to it.”

“If you do anything for two months, you get used to it.” he muttered under his breath.

“Shut up, Ashton! You are being such an annoying pest right now and-”

“I think maybe we should stop for the night.” he interrupts. “This night is getting way too over our heads.”

“If we do, we have to stop by a convenience store and buy hair dye and scissors, so as soon as we’re into a motel we can make ourselves unnoticeable.”

Do you stop, or keep going?

Reply with your answers!

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