You pt.4

You decide to listen to your friend. Maybe this night has gotten to your head. You pull into a convenience store and purchase some hair dye and scissors. You take it to the counter and pay. Since this is not national news yet, you do not worry if they can see you as the thief you’re most likely made out to be. You pay for your item and leave.

“Do you have your driver’s licence?” You ask as you get in the new car.

“Yeah, why?”

“We’ll need it to get into the hotel.” you reply. You’re only 17, but Ashton is 18 and therefore legally able to purchase a hotel room for the night. And you wanted to be as legal as possible. You drive for a little while, then pull into a motel. Ashton gets the cheapest room and you two enter the little room. It’s feels cozy, you guess. You pull out the scissor you bought and give them to Ashton. He takes them to your hair and you wince as he starts to snip. You haven’t cut your hair since you were 10, so you had long hair. You look at the short cut he’s given you. It changes your whole look, and not for the better. But it cannot be undone, so you have to live with it. You cut Ashton’s hair as well, but he seems pleased with your job. You both take a color of hair dye and you go first on dying your hair. You do so and now it is a deep purple, almost black. Ashton’s is now blond, as opposed to the black he had.

You two go to sleep. In the morning, you check out and start driving North yet again.


Related question: Should Alex be male or female?

3 thoughts on “You pt.4

  1. Hm, I’m guessing the majority of us reading this are female, so female is my vote xDD

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  2. I get the feeling of either male or female. Go with what your gut says!

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  3. I was trying to be unisex, but I can’t go on without knowing. I think I’ll go with female. Thanks guys!


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