You pt. 5

You keep thinking of last night.

Ashton insisted on driving, so you let him, in hopes he will not chatter and let you think.

Why would Greg and Ashley plot the stolen money in your car and then told the police about it? You know they told them because Greg’s uncle works on the force, and they’re the only one’s who know your names link to the car.

“Do you think it’ll ever be normal again?” Ashton asks from the driver’s seat.

“Probably not.” You say. “But one can hope…”

“Yeah, it won’t. I’m just trying to accept it. But what do we do? Just drive around until we think the trail’s gone cold?”

“Pretty much.” You admit to yourself this is not how you planned this weekend to go. Or your life, for that matter. “Well, there goes our dreams for college.” You mutter.

“What did you say?” Ashton asks. You repeat yourself a little louder and he replies with. “Yeah. I wanted to be a collision expert. But I can’t be that now, can I?” You shake your head, and he laughs.

But then you notice in your rear-view mirrors the a police car behind you. You unintentionally start worrying. But if you tell Ashton, he might blow your cover, whatever that may be. But if you don’t, you might lose the chance to escape.

Do you tell Ashton or not?

Reply with your answers!

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