You pt. 6

You decide not to tell him, because you know Ashton will get fidgety and will eventually attract the attention of the police regardless of what he does.

Unbeknownst you, he’s figured it out himself, you know this because of the anxious look on his face. “Ashton,” you say, “worrying only makes it worse. So stop it, and act halfway normal and we won’t get noticed.”

“Halfway normal.” he whispers to himself loud enough you could hear. “Calm,” he ushers.

You notice the car pull over into your lane of the highway. You see him reach for his siren.

“ASHTON FLOOR IT!” you shout as the sirens blare. Your friend complies and he swerves around cars like a pro because, in theory, he is a pro in cars. “MOVE!!”

“DO NOT SHOUT AT ME WHILE I’M AVOIDING CARS AND RACING AWAY FROM POLICE! NEED I REMIND YOU I HAVE SEVERE ANXIETY AND THIS IS WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!” He shouts back and nearly misses a mini van in front of you. The police car closes in to your stolen one.

“I should have drove.” you mutter.
“Pull over or we’ll be forced to shoot your tires out.” an authoritative voice replies from behind you.

“Bite me.” you respond. You see a way to get the police off you. But your friend won’t like it. “Ashton,” you console. “I see the way out, but you’re not going to like it.”

“Alex, I don’t like a lot of things. Just tell me what it is.”

“Take the ramp from the construction zone a few mile ahead. Use it to get to the other side.”


Do you force Ashton to take the ramp, or continue the path you’re on?

Reply with your answers!

(Btw, sorry for not writing lately. My sister took the only laptop in the house to Wisconsin with her to be with her boyfriend, so I don’t have it. Mine got destroyed, and my phone got lost, so I was left with nothing. I’m writing this on my dad’s kindle and it’s a bit difficult. I hope to write more soon!)

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