Recently, in Creative Writing, we’ve been given an assignment to find an instrumental and write about the mood we receive from it. For those with nowhere to even start looking for lively, off the wall, insane instrumentals, look no further. I have a few suggestions!

First off: 2cellos

As the name suggests, this is just two guys playing cellos, of course having some other instruments join in. They do covers for some classic rock songs like Thunderstruck by AC/DC and Welcome to the Jungle, by Guns N’ Roses. They also do some semi- recent pop songs as well.


Next: Piano Guys

This group of guys know how to play piano, but that’s not all. They have a few cellists and know how to beat a drum pretty good. Personally, I’m not a big fan of One Direction’s, but to see 5 people on one piano play it is really cool. Four of them hit the strings themselves while the last gets to play the keys. Along with this, they have songs like Happy Together by The Turtles, and The Cello Wars (A Star Wars Parody). My personal favorite is the Mission Impossible Theme, which they do with Lindsey Stirling.


My last but certainly not least suggestion : Lindsey Stirling

AHH! My favorite violinist of all time! She has so many good medleys and songs! She had a medley for Phantom of the Opera, Legend of Zelda, Les Miserables, Lord of the Rings,  Final Fantasy, and many more! Her original songs include a violin-guitar duel (Roundtable Rival), A spontaneous live performance (Master of Tides), and dancing with her shadows (Shadows). She also wrote a song that features Lizzy Hale of Halestorm (one of my fave bands) as the vocals ( not an instrumental but I needed to share that song, it is so good!) I love her style and is honestly one of my inspirations for writing!


I hope you all have enjoyed these suggestions, because all of these artists are truly phenomenal in their own way!


2 thoughts on “Instrumentals

  1. Why do we have so many music tastes in common o.o I listen to every single one of these artists! 😛 I love the Mission Impossible Collaboration between Piano Guys and Lindsey! Lindsey is one my favorite instrumentalists to listen to–she has good morals and amazing music. Her Phantom of the Opera Medley is one of my favorites, but Roundtable Rival and her Child of the Light song (which I think is just Shatter Me without vocals LOL) are both awesome too (and her Star Wars Medley!)
    So awesome to learn you like these artists too! I think I’ll be trying out Lindsey for the assignment, but Agnes Obel is anothe instrumentalist of sorts I might turn to as well 😀

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  2. I know, right?! It’s weird and amazing!
    I’m pretty sure I’ll do Lindsey, but I might tap into 2cellos for the assignment. I was thinking Moon Trance or the Zelda Medley for Lindsey, Hysteria or Thunderstruck for 2cellos.. I looked into Agnes, and I might go with her. It’s so hard to choose! I might go with Emilie Autumn as well, even though she sings in many of her songs. She’s an creepy violinist (And by creepy, I mean like robbing from the grave and singing about death creepy, but she is a fantastic electric violin player), and she has a few instrumentals, so I might turn to her. There’s so many to choose from I can’t make up my mind!

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