Liebster Award

Thank you Grace and musingpenfeme (sorry, I don’t know your name) for nominating me! I’ll answer both of your questions.

musingpenfeme’s questions:

1. Do you prefer sweet or sour candy?

Sour candy. Or Sweet? Umm, depends on my mood I guess.

2. Coffee or Tea?

TEA! I hate coffee at all costs. The scent, the taste, the even mention.

3. Favorite movie?

I have seven siblings, so I like a lot of kids’ movies. So, Rise of the Guardians. Definitely. Or Oliver and Company.

4. What do you seek to accomplish with your blog?

Um, I guess a release? To leak my thoughts so I don’t explode. That makes sense, right?

5. What do you think about conspiracy theories (had to ask, ha)?

I don’t really care for them, but I believe in aliens and ghost. I believe ghosts are everywhere, but not all of them are bad. Aliens could be disguised as an already classified species already for all I know.

6. Do you prefer your hair long or short?

I had it short for a while, but I really didn’t like it, so I’m growing it out.

7. Do you wish you named your blog differently?

No, I like the name I chose for my blog.

8. Age?

Like, my age, or my favorite age? I’m 16, and I love the 90’s, to answer both.

9. Books or movies?

Books. Books,books, books, books, books. Okay, too much of saying that.

10. Warm or cold weather?

Warm weather. I have a cold right now from the weather and it sucks.

11. Dogs or cats?

I like to say cats, but cats don’t really like me. So dogs.

Grace’s questions:

1.What does your daily routine consist of?

Um, I wake up, do school and wonder on wordpress until 3-4, then I practice guitar until my dad gets home, eat dinner, and maybe then play wii.

Pretty boring, if you ask me.

2.Favorite musical?

Let’s keep this simple, so I don’t write 3,000 words on how much I loved it. Wicked. Hands down.

3.Prose or Poetry?

I personally like prose, but poetry has it’s place too.

4.Favorite decade and why?

80’s or 90’s, because of their music, definitely

5.If you could learn any instrument, it would be…?

Violin, or cello. But violin first.

6.Least favorite drink?

Like I’ve said before, coffee! I don’t mean to be the unpopular opinion, but I just don’t like it.

7.Favorite month of the year?

November. My birthday, well, birthday week in my family. (5 birthdays within seven days!) and the weather of the month is just perfect.

8.Flip phone or smart phone? (which do you own, or which do you prefer)

Smart phone, even though I lost mine, smart phone.

9.Paperback or Hardcover book?


10.What type of schooling do you do?

Online part time w/ FLVS.


Well, this was revealing, but fun nonetheless! I’m pretty sure whoever I nominate has already been nominated (I have so few followers, lol), so whoever wants to do it, can! My questions for you are:

Favorite book and why?

Console or PC?

Favorite musical genre?

What type of schooling do you do?

Unicorns or griffins?

Favorite television show?

White, milk, or dark chocolate?

Favorite breakfast food?

What so your weekends consist of?

What was the weirdest dream you ever had?

Thank you for reading this!



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