Music Tag

Even though I wasn’t officially nominated, this is something I thought was really cool. It’s a great way to show everyone how diverse our music is. The rules:

  • Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping)
  • Write your favorite lyric from the song
  • Tag some peeps


So, here’s a snippet of my playlist (which is over 32 hours long, so it’s an extremely small snippet)


1: Pink Floyd- Another Brick In The Wall

No dark sarcasm in the classroom/ Hey! Teachers! Leave us kids alone!

I really like this song because it shows how harsh schooling was before our generation.

2:The Fray- Love Don’t Die

If I know one thing, that’s the truth/ It’s not what I say, it’s what I do

Love is always here. Excellent song in my opinion.

3:The Academy Is…- Paper Chase

As long as we’re as one, We’ll take the next bus/ Destination: setting sun

This song is about getting out of a deadbeat town, making summer last forever.

4: James Durbin- Screaming

The world said it wouldn’t last forever/ But we’re done waiting to get better

This 4th place winner of American Idol took to the rock side, following is Chris Daughtry’s footsteps, surpassing even the winner in fans.

5: Aerosmith- I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

I just wanna hold you close/ and feel your heart so close to mine/ and just stay here in this moment/ For all the rest of time

AHH! I love this song so much, every lyric is so close to my feelings. Personally, if I could have written any famous song, it would be this one.

6: Taylor Swift- White Horse

My mistake/ I didn’t know to be in love/ you had to fight to have the upper hand

I love old Taylor. I get why she changed, and I’m happy for her, but I just prefer her older stuff.

7: My Chemical Romance- Welcome To The Black Parade

I won’t explain/ or say I’m sorry/ I’m unashamed/ I’m gonna show my scars

This and Mama are my favorite MCR songs. The first one I heard by them, likely due to the popularity of this song, but the first heard of many. One of fave bands, right here.

8: Panic! At The Disco feat. fun. – C’mon

Try not to mistake/ what you have with what you hate/ it could leave/ it could leave come the morning

When I first heard this song, I was in awe because this song is literally my anthem. So every time it comes on, I’m full out singing Brendon and Nate.

9: Of Mice & Men- Second & Sebring

This is not what it is only baby scars/ I need your love/ like a boy needs his mother’s side

I personally prefer the D at Sea version of this songs, because their version captures the severity of the topic sung about. I’m not saying Of Mice & Men didn’t, I’m just not a fan that much screaming in a song.

10: 5 Seconds Of Summer- Outer Space/ Carry On

I got one foot in the golden life/ one foot in the gutter/ so sick of the tug of war/ that keeps pulling me under

I love 5SOS. I’m not a huge fangirl, but they’re definitely my favorite band. I know that they can have a bad rep, because they’re not “punk rock”, and maybe (probably) they’re not. I love them nonetheless, as the tie between pop and punk, a pop punk band. Nothing wrong with that.

Wow, this doesn’t even cover how much Fall Out Boy I have, or BVB or PTV. But this is a pretty accurate representation of my music. Seeing this, I have a very diverse music choices. Hmm… it fits me.

Now for the nominations!





If you’ve already been nominated, sorry? If you haven’t, congrats! Anyone else who wants to share their musical preferences can do this too! I hope to see yours soon!


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  1. Wait…I did this on my own but I didn’t even know you tagged me, haha.

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