You pt. 7

(Sorry for not continuing this for a while)

“Ashton, take the ramp. If you don’t do this, we’re sitting in the nearest county jail. Now act out of insanity for two seconds and save our asses!” You shout. Normally, you wouldn’t curse, but given the situation at hand it slipped out of your mouth.  You jerk right, as he swerves onto the ramp and you fly into the air. When you land, Ashton immediately turns around to blend with the crowd. “Pull over.” You say.

“What?! We’re in a police chase.” He reminds.

“We have to ditch the car, asap. Now pull over so we can run into the woods.” Hesitantly, he complies and you two exit the vehicle and run north, or at least what you think is north. “Don’t stop until I say.” You shout.

“You really like to take charge, don’t you?” he shouts back. You hear the sirens grow closer and eventually, you hear them stop all together. They’re in the woods, you think. How to hide in the woods?  

“Alex,” Ashton stops and wheezes, “I don’t think I can run much longer.”

You stop and pull your arm over his shoulder, ushering him to move forward. “We have to, Ash. We’re innocent.” He nods and tries to keep moving. You notice a ditch you could easily hide yourself and Ashton in, but if you do you may be found by the police. If you keep moving, you’ll always have to be on the lookout, always have to run, at least for a couple more hours.

Do you hide or run?

Reply with your answers!


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