LEGO Crazy

Ever since my mom got her job at LEGOLAND, everyone just wants to go nuts with the whole thing. On our mantle, we have 20-25 minifigures that mom has stolen off of her own badge when kids trade her. Among those are a stormtrooper, C-3PO, the new Darth (I don’t know his name), Harry Potter, Hagrid, Gandalf, Olaf (Which I think isn’t a minifigure), a witch, a banshee, a pirate, Frankenstein with a guitar, a goat-man, and a jewel thief. A lot, I know.

My brother has a LEGO chess set, which included 32 minifigures and step-by step instructions on how to put it together. 900 pieces later, he has it set up. And I think he has it all apart in his bedroom currently…

Anyway, my younger sister has two LEGO Elves sets. She has an oasis and a bakery type thing. She loves playing with it, reinventing her pieces to make all new things. That’s probably why I don’t know exactly what she has.

My older sister has a three in one set that can make a dragon, a snake, and a scorpion. Super cool, but only makes one creature at a time. Right now we have it set on scorpion on our LEGO shelf. She also has the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. It comes with Fred, Shaggy, Scooby, and a zombie. Where are the girls? Oh well. It’s really cool because the back opens up so it’s not unseen.

And as for me, I have a spaceship, with two astronauts, and a satellite. Cool in it’s own way, but isn’t that kinda boring? Because there’s more.

DOCTOR WHO ladies and gentlemen, I have a 623 piece set of the control room with a detachable TARDIS. It comes with a Peter Capaldi (12th doctor), Matt Smith (11th doctor), Clara, and a weeping angel minifigures! Was hoping for Tennant, but I can’t complain. It also has the pieces to make two daleks. It’s also an Ideas set, which means that they’re looking for ideas to make more. I’m thinking the weeping angel hotel or a cyberman ship. Or, the triceratops episode ship. That was really cool.

LEGO are supposed to be for kids, I know, but so are kids movies. My younger siblings bring out the kid in me all the time. It’s a force of habit. *giggles*


3 thoughts on “LEGO Crazy

  1. I’m sending my sister over and you all can LEGO flail together OMG. That is so awesome!!! Man working at Lego Land has got to be super cool (and why does Frankenstein have a guitar? xDD) My sister doesn’t have any action figure LEGOs or anything like that–she just has lego bricks and other pieces to make houses and houses and buildings with haha. She likes to look at LEGOs as an architectural experience if you may xD. She builds stuff in less than 3 hours sometimes. Our whole bookcase shelf outside our office area has an entire city on it o.o (you can image our delight watching the LEGO movie). And your last line reminds me of the LEGO movie too xDD “These are for ages 3 and up” “Yeah they have to put that on there, but this actually for adults” LOL Pssh Legos are for anyone
    Everything just sounds so cool!

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    • My mom says its super fun and very beneficial. Like, she gets 20 free tickets for us I think every year, but it might be every six months, so we get to go to LEGOLAND a lot (I went and saw the 3-D fireworks on New Years Eve, which was really cool because the glasses you wear make the fireworks bricks) Wow, that is awesome! We have one or two classic sets the whole family plays with, but we have to put the pieces away :(. The LEGO movie was awesome, when it first came out I was the only one in our family that really wanted to see it, so I watched it with my brother and sister once. I really liked it, but they didn’t as much. But since my mom got her job, everyone wants to watch it, and I’m thinking “why didn’t they want to before” haha. They’re making a second one, I’ve been told, so I can’t wait!

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