A little more

Well, it’s time to say this.

I know that you’ve been taking the heat,

for many things I have done.

I know I don’t pay enough attention

and forget a lot about our arrangements.

I know I don’t apologize enough,

but trust me, I will make things right.


Lately I’ve been a little selfish, and I’m sorry for that.

I will remember myself about all the things I’ve done wrong.

I regret not paying attention, and being forgetful.

I will remind you every time I see you why I love you,

Why I need you.

I haven’t been myself for a long time, and I will return

To who I used to be.

I will love you more than ever, and more because of my actions.

You have been running to keep us together,

Time for me to take the reins a bit.

Love, me



(cool points if you can guess the song I wrote this from)



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