Three Day Quote Challenge (Day 4)

I’m going for six days, so today’s quote is unnecessary but necessary at the same time.

Day 4:

“If you are living your life without giving an ‘f’, you are only living a lie.”



Basically this means you have to care about something. There’s no possible way for you not to. Whether it be music, or sports, or comic book collecting; there’s always something you care about, even if you forget about it.

If I am to be honest, before a couple months ago I forgot about writing. I got so tied up in writing music (and failing considerably), I completely dismissed creative writing. Now that I’ve been trying to collect more inspiration for my music, I’ve rediscovered my hands and their ability to write some halfway decent pieces. In a way, I’m glad I’ve stopped trying to write music, at least momentarily. (I only wrote one decent song in months, so…)

Do I have to nominate people still? Well, if I do, anyone who’s reading this is nominated! Have fun, stay awesome, and never live a lie <3.



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