Three Day Quote Challenge (Day 5)

Missed a couple days. SO sorry about that.

(Unrelated note: I got a cherry headed conure the weekend of the 15th, and just yesterday it was confirmed he’s attaching to me: I’m the only one that’s allowed to pet him. The rest of my family tries but he bites them, but he puts his head down to let me. I think it’s because I’m at home all the time XD still loving it though.)

Day 5:

“Like a game of chess, I predict your move. I think I know you better, better than you do. 

-“I Just Wanna Run”, Downtown Fiction


I think this signifies to people that sometimes, people know you more than you know yourself. I’m constantly asking people for my faults so I can work on them, because I know what may be okay for me is not okay for someone else. And also, people can be predictable. In a game of chess, you have to think of logic, what the other person might retaliate with if you move a piece. Same for life. When you think of doing something, you have to acknowledge how people might respond. Plus, it pays to be spontaneous. If you do something unexpected, more people are likely to remember you. And that’s sometimes what people really want: just to be remembered. We don’t want to be dust in the wind, despite the evidence that proves us otherwise. Sure, we may not be the first female president or the person who invented the microchip, but we want to be remembered for our impact on the world, not just as another person who destroyed it. I find this quote to be particularly inspiring, though the song itself may be less so.

Peace and love to all reading,

Tabi ❤


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