The Miranda Sings Award

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Hiya, guys! I’ve been nominated by the fantastic and talented Georgie for the Miranda Sings Award! (Okay, well, she didn’t tag me, but she said, and I quote, “I OFFICIALLY NOMINATE YOU IF YOU HAVENT DONE IT ALREADY =)”)

The rules are:

-Announce the win and link the blogger who nominated you

-Add the featured image

-List seven things you love about yourself

-Don’t use negative connotation (i.e. people say I’m smart, or I’m relatively pretty)


  1. I can read exceptionally well. Ever since elementary school, I’ve been placed in advanced reading. (Funny story: when I was in kindergarten, I was placed in a first grade reading class. In the class, we practiced and performed a play for my kindergarten class. I was a dog, lol)
  2. I can sing. I never really knew it until sixth grade, but yeah. When I first performed, people were saying, “You should be in chorus!” And I took chorus for a year, but I ended up almost destroying my voice to keep up. So, I stopped.
  3. I can be funny when I want to be. Seriously, it’s like sometimes there’s no filter between my ear and mouth. And that can lead to bad things, but for the most part I can make my whole family laugh.
  4. I’ve recently taken up trying to get into shape. I’m very proud of the fact, because I’ve really let myself go the past couple of months. I’m going to look better, to feel better soon, but I have to be patient. Which reminds me,
  5. I’m very patient. I had to wait until I was fifteen to get my first phone (which I lost at the beach during the summer ;( . I had to wait for my first computer until my sixteenth birthday, even though my brother destroyed it after a week. (WOW TECHNOLOGY AND I DO NOT AGREE lol) And now I’m waiting for those items to be replaced.
  6. I have not cut or dyed my hair in over a year. One time, I was mad at my mum and just chopped all of my hair off. I looked awful. I haven’t cut it since, which is probably why it looks like part of it is butchered. It’s at my shoulders right now. During middle school, I was the crazy hair girl. I’ve had my hair every color of the rainbow (except for green because I couldn’t find a decent green around). The last color I dyed my hair was black, so I could fade into a more natural color.
  7. I AM NOT DEAD YET! Seriously, I’m glad to be alive, because I’ve thought about death before, but I rose above it. I can say, I was in a deep dark hole, but now I’m roaming free. Of course, I left all influences to what I was behind, and moved a thousand miles away, but I am over it. AND I’M SO GLAD I AM.


I hope you enjoyed my little tidbits of joy.

I nominate anyone who hasn’t already done this. (Which is almost non-existent now, huh?)

Buh-bye now.

-Tabi ❤


3 thoughts on “The Miranda Sings Award

  1. Congratulations on the “nomination” haha. I’m glad you shared this!

    Liked by 1 person

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