Am I alone?


Um, this was supposed to be a bit happier, but I got to be honest. There’s just too much bad influence.

I know, I know, you don’t wanna hear it. But nonetheless, you can’t change the truth. So here I am, trying to write that out.

In case you didn’t know, there’s always been something different about me, something in my genetics that will make me a guinea pig if anyone knew.

But I’m going to tell you.

I’ve killed myself over twenty times, but I am still alive. How? I can heal. Really fast.

I figured this out when I was twelve, when I fell off of a Coast Redwood tree. I was almost at the top of this tree while I was playing in my backyard. I reached up to reach a branch that was weak, and it broke. Falling, I seen the life I had before my eyes, you know, the usual things people do right before the kick the bucket. SPLAT! Except, I just turned my head back around and watched as my body fastened itself back together. It was frightening, to state the obvious. Right then, the thoughts of being some lab rat scared me into keeping my mouth shut. But, I decided to test out just what would kill me. I wanted to know whether or not I was invincible.

So, later on, I stole a knife from the kitchen. My mother didn’t notice, mostly because she’s obsessed with her “stud muffin” of a chihuahua. My idiot brother, by law (I’m adopted), decided to poke around, but I shut him up with five dollars. I walked into my room, and cut my arm. Surprisingly, it cut, but absorbed the blood within 30 seconds. I’m invincible, I thought.

What could I do with this?

I tried several other things over the years. Gunshot wounds, burns, throat cuts, practically everything everything you can think of. But I’m not dead.

I can’t die, as far as I know. I have no scars, and usually I have to push a bone back into place or dislodge a weapon out of me. I’ve only been to the forensic office once, when they cut me open and tried to perform an autopsy. They dislodged that stick out of my brain and then left, which was beneficial to me, because I could sneak out. I bet she was pretty freaked.

What I need to know: Is there anyone else like me?

Or am I alone in this, cursed to survival? If there is anyone else, you don’t have to heal, you could teleport, or have x-ray vision. I just need to know if I have to keep this secret forever.

(sorry, just started watching Heroes [not reborn]. I absolutely love this show XD )


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