Three Day Quote Challenge (Day 4)

I’m going for six days, so today’s quote is unnecessary but necessary at the same time.

Day 4:

“If you are living your life without giving an ‘f’, you are only living a lie.”



Basically this means you have to care about something. There’s no possible way for you not to. Whether it be music, or sports, or comic book collecting; there’s always something you care about, even if you forget about it.

If I am to be honest, before a couple months ago I forgot about writing. I got so tied up in writing music (and failing considerably), I completely dismissed creative writing. Now that I’ve been trying to collect more inspiration for my music, I’ve rediscovered my hands and their ability to write some halfway decent pieces. In a way, I’m glad I’ve stopped trying to write music, at least momentarily. (I only wrote one decent song in months, so…)

Do I have to nominate people still? Well, if I do, anyone who’s reading this is nominated! Have fun, stay awesome, and never live a lie <3.


Three Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)

Hello, everyone! I’m on to day three of this, though I’m trying for six days. I’m not one for introductions so I’ll just cut to the quote.

Day 3:

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible’!”

-Audrey Hepburn


This is an amazing quote because it’s saying “welp anything’s possible” and it really is. You never know whether or not you’re going to fail, or succeed. You just have to try.

My nominations for today:




You all are awesome. Stay that way.

Three Day Quote Challenge (Day 2, Sort of)

I totally forgot to post anything yesterday. So sorry about that. I really meant to post continually for three days, with two quotes a day. Oops. I guess I can post for six days now, though I can’t nominate that many people. I’d like to thank again the wonderful Grace for nominating me. So, without further ado, let us proceed.

Day 2:

“I’m scared to get close, and I hate being alone. I long for that feeling to not feel at all. The higher I get, the lower I’ll sink. I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim.”

-“Can You Feel My Heart”, Bring Me The Horizon

For me, this quote means that for every high, there is an equal low. I feel like it’s pretty straightforward, and inspiring all the same. I personally feel scared to get attached to too many things, but I can’t stand being alone either. It’s kinda contradictory, if you ask me. It leads to a lot of internal conflict, and it sucks. “The higher I get, the lower I’ll sink” can be paired with another quote, “What goes up, must come down”. This means that nothing lasts forever. Happiness is temporary, though it can last a while.

Our demons never leave us, not really. They watch over us, leading us. We create our demons, they’re attached to us, ingrained in who we are. You can get rid of them, you can’t drown them. Our mistakes haunt us, they cloud our thoughts, but they make us who we are.

That was okay, right? I feel like I missed something…





Three Day Quote Challenge! (Day 1)

Hello everyone!!

I’ve been nominated by the always fantastic Grace (check out her awesome and inspiring blog :P) for the Three Day Quote Challenge!

The rules are simple: post a quote a day for three days and nominate 3 people everyday. It’s actually really lenient, I’ve seen. I’m going to post two quotes a day for three days, because I love quotes and I can limit my favorites to three. Six should do, right? :/

Day 1, Quote 1:

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you.”

-John Green, The Fault In Our Stars

This quote speaks out to me because there have been several people in my life that have tried to hurt me. For a while I let it hurt me, let it bring me down. Then after reading this book, I realized that I controlled my feelings, and how they reacted to the people aforementioned. This quote has probably shaped my personality more than I realize.

 I found this book recently after it was published, before it grew popular. I guess that means I have a special relationship with the book (that’s a thing, right? O.o) When I seen other people with the novel when it was in everyone’s hands, I felt a weird anger, because I knew they wouldn’t love the book as I do. (I’m much more tolerant now, thank goodness)

Thanks for listening to my unnecessary rambling!

It’s time for the nominations now!




Until next time, cheerio! (oh my am I ever original?)

Brief Setback

My word processing program just failed to do it responsibilities.

It saved my short story as a series of symbols, not as the words written.

It’s done this to me once before, and I used a backup I made, which has also been saved in a series of symbols.

I now have no story.

I must now rewrite it.

Hopefully I can before Friday.


Okay, so I’m sure you might know about the mythology story I’m writing. This is from towards the beginning of the story, but I feel I should reword it. Any suggestions?


“Pluto.” A whisper spoke. “Pluto.”
I sat up from my bed. “Who’s there?” I whispered back.
“Come to me, Pluto.”
“Who are you?” I repeated.
“Come and see.”
My feet had found something automatic inside of them, because they began to move without my permission. I tried to stomp my feet, but the only thing I was allowed to do was flail my arms. I was walking towards the forest, where Jupiter had been found dead. I willed my feet to move, but they did not listen. I trampled into the woods, where I had found a lifeless, petrified tree that had been seemingly split apart by lightning. I began to cower, but I forbade myself from doing so because any cowering is a sign of weakness, and that is not the Roman way. I stood up, and said with as strong a voice as I could muster, “What do you want?”

“I only wish but to find an apprentice.” A dark, cloaked figure appeared. “If you agree, I will spare your life.”
“Who are you?” I repeated once more.
“Oh, right. You’re scared. Be not frightened, it is but Hades.” He laughed a rather dauntingly, and pulled the hood away from his face. He had my features, from what I could see. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, the same toned skin. It was almost like he was family. But it couldn’t have been.
“Hades,” I repeated, “I have not heard the name.”
“That is because you are not Greek. I am Hades, god of the Underworld.”
“God of the Underworld.” I muttered. “What do you want with me?”

The Poet

I DO NOT OWN THESE WORDS, BUT THEY ARE INSPIRING AND I LOVE SAYWECANFLY.  (random song suggestion :p hope you like it)



Somewhere deep down in my heart,
there’s a poet, and a liar.
They are juxtaposed more than the sun and the moon,
yet they find a way to work together.
And with every word that I say, they are writing and conspiring.
How the hell can we just make it worse?
Kiss the girl that you love, then you hurt her…
For some reason I can’t seem to shake
oh, this feeling I get that I’m drifting away from true love..

Oh, if I could rip my heart in two,
then I’d give you the half you deserve.
And just always remember I honestly would die for you.
’cause I couldn’t live without you.

And I tried so hard not to be what I saw growing up,
but that only made me into a rabid dog, baring its teeth.
Not the man I hoped I’d grow to be.
two steps closer, I’m six steps back,
and I bring you down with me…
Oh, it tears me apart, yeah, it honestly does,
just to know that I made it all worse.
For some reason I can’t seem to shake
oh, this feeling I get that I’m drifting away from true love..

Oh, if I could rip my heart in two,
then I’d give you the half you deserve.
And just always remember I honestly would die for you.
’cause I couldn’t live without you.

Got a Song Addiction?




My recent song addiction is “Famous Last Words” from My Chemical Romance, and when I went to listenonrepeat, I realized just how many people need to know of the glory of it. is basically a youtube video loop, whatever video you use it repeats until you stop it. It works just like youtube with a broken replay button.


Follow/ Lead

Some choose to follow

Others lead

Some choose to take initiative

And yet others choose to disagree


Nothing is done as they have been said

Nor chosen with hindsight

There are things in this world though,

That just happen to shine bright


The things we choose to do,

Or things we stand behind

Can bring out the best in us

Or make us wish to turn back time


Whichever is chosen

Do so with pride

Do not hide in regret

Follow what’s inside


In your chest, there’s a place

Where your greatest desires go

Do your best to make a choice

Never choose others over your soul


Do you chose to lead?

Or do you choose to follow?

Be careful in your choice

And don’t you find that tomorrow

You have chosen wrong

And you have to live in sorrow

For you have followed.

Maybe Mythology?

I’ve started to write a short story.

One for the short story workshop in my creative writing club.

I had a strange idea that might just work

It’s combining Greek and Roman mythology.

What if Pluto was Hades’ apprentice?

In this case, both Pluto and Hades would have to look similar, and it would take many years for Pluto to learn the ways of the Underworld.

This way, more people in Rome would recognize him as Pluto, while people in Greece would still consider him to be Hades.

If you’d like to know more about the story, just tell me and I might just post an excerpt.

If you’re writing a short story, I would love to hear all about it!